Self-Contained Art Residency

I'm thrilled to present to you a pulsating opportunity to venture into an extraordinary journey that harmonizes the passion for art, music, and safeguarding beloved memories. I'm ecstatic to launch my crowdfunding campaign for a one-of-a-kind, self-contained art residency, where I'll be crafting art, fueled by the timeless tunes from my late father's priceless vinyl record collection.

As an artist, I've always found refuge and motivation in the act of creating. Yet, the discovery of my father's vinyl records, a veritable goldmine of sound and sentiment, has sparked an exhilarating surge of creativity within me. These records are not just objects; they are profound pieces of my father's life, now treasured mementos of moments we shared.

In this unique art residency, I will dive deep into the ocean of music that once echoed through our home, allowing it to dictate my brush strokes and ignite my creativity. The fusion of visual art and the nostalgic tunes from my father's vinyl trove promises a potent, deeply personal artistic experience.

I'm reaching out to you today, fueled by the conviction that art possesses the power to bridge souls, stir feelings, and immortalize memories. By standing behind this crowdfunding campaign, you're not just empowering me to bring my artistic vision to life but also playing a key role in preserving a treasured family legacy. Your support will equip me with the necessary materials, help establish a dedicated art studio, and cover the costs associated with the self-contained art residency.

Embrace this journey with me, and together, let's make art that resonates with the soul and reverberates across time.

To learn more about this project and to contribute, please visit

Art is How You Think

The tagline ART IS HOW YOU THINK was conceived quite organically and as a defining statement of who I am as an Artist and how I approach my creative process. Born from my realization that art is really how I think, ART IS HOW YOU THINK is reflected in my various art brands.

Patrick-Earl™️ was created in 1995 in honor of my late father Earl A. Barnes, Jr. I wanted to recognize the extraordinary importance and influence he had, and still has, in my life.  In merging my father’s and my first names with a literal hyphen, I was creating a symbolic representation of a "hitch" and inviting my father to take this art journey with me. 

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